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Liffey Raid

IIn April 2021 we have gathered coders, artists, and enthusiasts of all ages to work on a scrolling shooter, inspired by the legendary River Raid. Working on the project after work/school hours, not neglecting family responsibilities, sometimes stepping outside our comfort zones, and making completely different backgrounds and experiences work together; we have done it.

Play with WASD to move. Spacebar shoots. Once your boost is charged, you can use Tab to boost. During the boost you are practically invulnerable. At least that's what the insurer said. In practice you still can crash against the ground. Do not boost through bridges without destroying them; it's bad luck.

Rejuvenation field. Slowly replenishes your energy. Always read the label. Consult your local GP or pharmacist.

Drain field. The evil twin of the Rejuvenation field. Avoid. May cause drowsiness and errors in judgment.

A very curious potion. It replenishes your energy and boost. This is not what happens when you drink from a bottle you’ve found floating in Liffey. Please do not try this at home. Do not shoot it by mistake. If spilled it turns into a rather nasty drain field. Stains most fabrics.

These are a bad lot. Stay away. Shoot on sight. Don't lend them money.

This variety is faster. Other than that, just as unhealthy.

A log. You can shoot it down if it's fully surfaced. If completely submerged, you can go over it.

Where can you play it?

Here, right in your browser.


Download a PC version directly:


Go to itch.io store page:


Thinking of joining?

This definitely isn't the last project of this type on our to-do list. If you're interested, let us know. Before starting, we'll present you with knowledge/skill pre-requisites you will need to be confident in your contribution to the project.